31.03.2023 y. Ashgabat:
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In September 2021, the RA3 certificate (registration number TM/RA3/00001-01) was issued to Ashgabat International Airport by the German National Civil Aviation Authority (LuftfahrtBundesamt), which, among other things, checks and certifies airports and airlines on behalf of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The RA3 certificate confirms that the cargo terminal of the Ashgabat International Airport fully complies with all aviation security requirements established by the European Union for cargo and mail destined for or traveling through EU countries from non-EU countries (EU Implementation Regulation 2015/1998).

During the audit, the auditors paid special attention to the implementation of the Ashgabat International Airport Cargo Terminal security program, which includes measures taken by the handling operator to protect the cargo and preserve its integrity during the entire production cycle before the transfer to the airline. All cargo handling operations from the moment of acceptance for transportation to the moment of delivery on board the aircraft take place in the controlled area of the airport (CSA), which excludes unauthorized access to the cargo during ground handling.