31.03.2023 y. Ashgabat:
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Based on the signed agreement No. 02/21-l dated 11/23/2021 between the Open Joint-Stock Company "Turkmenistan Airline" and the Limited Liability Company "Sky KG Airlines", flight inspections of ground-based flight radio equipment, aviation telecommunications and lighting equipment systems of the international airports of Ashgabat, Dashoguz, Turkmenbashi, Turkmenabat and Mary were carried out.

Flight checks of ground-based radio-technical flight support systems and lighting equipment systems are a prerequisite for air navigation support, which is determined by the requirements for air traffic safety in ICAO countries.

Flight checks of radio beacon systems of instrumental approach of aircraft for landing ILS, azimuth-range radio beacons VOR / DME and lighting equipment of the SSO are carried out in order to evaluate, control the parameters and characteristics, confirming their compliance with the requirements of the "Standards for the operation of airfields of Turkmenistan" and confirmation of compliance with the ICAO category.

“Sky KG Airlines” specializes in performing flight checks of radio navigation aids and landing of civil aviation airfields. Air traffic service routes in Kyrgyzstan, CIS countries and far abroad. Flight checks are carried out in accordance with Doc. 8071 ICAO and Supplement 10 to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation “Aeronautical Telecommunications”.
To ensure this task, the airline's aircraft fleet has two own aircraft - laboratories based on the Diamond DA-42 aircraft, equipped with modern equipment of the FIS AT-940 automated digital flight test complex manufactured by the American company Airfield Technology.