31.03.2023 y. Ashgabat:
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Within the limits of the Purchase Agreement concluded between Turkmenhowayollary Agency and the American Boeing Company based on the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan №1347 of July 21st, 2019 a new passenger airliner "Boeing 777-200LR" has renewed the aircraft fleet of Turkmenistan aviation on June 23rd, 2021.

This aircraft is already the fourth airliner of such version manufactured under the special order for Turkmenistan.

The aircraft was manufactured at Boeing Everett Factory. It can accommodate up to 291 passengers, 28 seats in business class and 263 in economy class. The aircraft is equipped with up-to-date General Electric engines.

In addition, the aircraft is equipped with the "i5000 IFE" in-flight entertainment system produced by the American Thales Avionics, Inc. company. The entertainment system screen is located on the back of each passenger seat. During the flight Turkmen films, cartoons and music clips will be broadcasted from HD screen.

This kind of aircraft is designed for long haul flights with the range of up to 16 thousand kilometers.

The new airliner landed in the city of Kerki, Lebap region, on the Grand opening day of the new international airport.