07.02.2023 y. Ashgabat:
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«Turkmenhowayollary» Agency announces the extension INTERNATIONAL TENDER to submit tender (price) proposals for design and turnkey construction of a new International Airport Complex with a capacity of 100 passengers
per hour in Jebel town of Balkan velayat

To participate in the tender, you must provide:
1. The documents in Turkmen, Russian and English should consist of two envelopes submitted simultaneously, one of which should contain the Technical Proposal - a sketchbook (architectural and planning solutions of the project), an explanatory note to the project, technical and economic indicators of the project, and other additional information.

2. The second envelope shall contain the Price Proposal with indication of payment terms, construction terms and conditions and other additional information.

3. Each envelope shall be submitted in duplicate and labeled "ORIGINAL" and "COPY". The envelopes must also bear the full name of the project and the name of the company submitting the bid.

4. The Terms of Reference can be obtained in the office room 437 or 417 of «Turkmenhowayollary» Agency;
5. Bids should be submitted to the Construction Control and Ground Services Department of «Turkmenhowayollary» Agency  to the offices 437 or 417, at  the following address: 326, Hero of Turkmenistan Atamurat Niyazov Avenue, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan with a cover letter.

6. The deadline for submission of bids is July 28, 2021.

7. Tenders received later than the deadline set above won't be accepted.

8. Registered bidders who have previously submitted their applications to participate in the tender should pay a tender participation fee of $500 (including VAT), according to the issued invoice. The packages with bids will be accepted for consideration only after receipt of money to the account of «Turkmenhowayollary» Agency.

For more information please call: 44-31-43, 44-30-38, 44- 30-73, 44-31-91

Note: Bids will not be accepted from companies registered in countries with offshore zones or having bank accounts in offshore zones.