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Airport service.

  • Providing take-off / landing aircraft.
  • Aeronautical support.
  • Aviation security.
  • Provision of an aircraft parking space (oversized).
  • Air terminal use.

Ground handling.

  • Servicing a commercial load of aircraft.
  • Passenger service.
  • Handling of various types of cargo.
  • Servicing of aircraft crews.
  • Medical examination of crews.
  • Delivery of crews to the aircraft and back.

Service Sun.

  • Providing refueling aircraft.
  • Temporary parking at the airport (parking place).
  • Maintenance aircraft.
  • Operational technical maintenance (acceptance release).
  • Towing aircraft.
  • Cleaning salons sun.
  • Service bathrooms WC.
  • Startup unit.
  • Heated sun.
  • Anti-icing treatment of aircraft.

Other services.

  • Providing onboard power.
  • Realization of aviation fuel.
  • Accommodation at the airport hotel.
  • Realization of passenger and freight traffic.
  • Customs, migration services and SES services.