05.06.2023 y. Ashgabat:
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The Aviation Personnel Training School of the Turkmenhovoellary Agency of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Turkmenistan conducts training of aviation specialists in the required areas for airports, offices of the Turkmenhovoellary Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Communications of Turkmenistan, and outside organizations of Turkmenistan (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan, State Border Service of Turkmenistan).

The school, with a capacity of 600 people with 35 classrooms, also has a three-story dormitory building for 150 people, a two-story building of a training center for the training of flight personnel.

The school's training center is equipped with:

- the FFS7000XR simulator by the Canadian company CAE, which performs the full-flight actions of the Boeing-737NG aircraft; this simulator allows pilots to undergo training at all stages of flight: from takeoff to landing, including when aircraft fails or bad weather conditions, and also develop crew actions during an emergency situations.

- simulator of the German company TFC for the study of doors and exit ladders for evacuation in case of emergency of the aircraft Boeing-737NG, Boeing-777 / 200LR,

- a simulator that teaches the provision of emergency assistance to passengers when boarding a Boeing-737NG aircraft on water or land,

- KIDDE simulator, training actions in case of a fire on board the aircraft.

- Theoretical training is conducted in three departments of the School:

- department of advanced training of specialists in the field of language training in accordance with the requirements of ICAO; increase of language training of specialists, in accordance with the requirements of ICAO;

- professional development and retraining from one direction to another;

- training of young specialists in the areas necessary for aviation services for a period of 2.5 years.


To train highly qualified pilots, two DA-40NG single-engine aircraft and two DA-42NG twin-engine aircraft of the Austrian company Diamond were purchased at the School, as well as the presence of combined flight simulators of the above-mentioned aircraft in the training center makes it possible to prepare advanced pilots.

In addition, two helicopters ENSTROM 480 of the well-known American company ENSTROM were acquired for the training of helicopter pilots, and the simulator of these helicopters is expected to arrive soon.